Today 15th June 2015, the topic was about " Good health outcomes and governance". Next Minister Mondays in two weeks,Topic: TBD

Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Minister of Health of Rwanda

Every other Monday, Dr. Agnes will answer questions from the public both through Twitter and through SMS messages during the specified times.

During the 2 hours of the discussion, you can send Dr. Agnes a question by sending an SMS to: 0788 38 66 55 (If dialing from outside of Rwanda, please dial: +250 788 38 66 55)

Any time other than the specified 2 hours, the number will be closed.

During Mondays with the Minister, Dr. Agnes promises to read ALL questions, and will do her best to answer each of them. (However, because of conflicting duties, it may not always be possible to answer every question.)

She welcomes your questions during the specified time.


Izaba Friday 13 Saa 9 Kugera 13

Ohereza Ibibazo kuri: 0787 11 99 88 Kubuntu